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Part 1: Know what you want in a home

Sarah recently became single and in need of a new home in Edmonton. But unlike her previous residence, which was a rental and never really hers, Sarah was determined to take her time. She wanted to make sure she purchased not just a place to live, but a home she could be comfortable in and make her own.

“I took time to think about my wants, needs and preferences,” Sarah said, adding that she kept her budget close by as she set out on her hunt.

Single, child-free, and with only one dependant (her dog), Sarah works out of town and frequently travels, so it made sense for her to look for a smaller home like a townhouse or duplex. “I knew I wanted to buy a home in Edmonton,” she said. “I wanted a community vibe where I could feel connected and safe. I didn’t want to live inner city, but I also did not want to be lost in the boonies of suburbia.”

If you want to find the perfect home for you, you need to pay as much attention to choosing the right home as you did choosing the builder. Would you be happy with a standard home, or would you prefer a home built with custom features? More than just the style of the home, you need to consider resale value, durability and how long you expect to live there. Consider the floorplans and the communities they are built in.

STYLE OF HOME. There are many new home communities in Edmonton, and the type of home you choose depends on your unique circumstances or chapter in life. Do you have a young family and need to find a space that you can grow into like an attached or detached garage starter home? Perhaps or you are retired and are looking for an adult villa type of environment that is safe and well-maintained.

THE DETAILS. Do you care if the basement is developed or if you have a nice backyard that is fenced and provides privacy from your neighbours? How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you require?

BUDGET. You’ll know right away by doing a search and visiting Edmonton home builder websites that they all target a specific price range, from high end to more affordable.

TIMELINE. Are you looking for quick possession or do you have time to wait?

THE BUILDER. There are so many new home builders in Edmonton that it’s easy to lose track, but this is one of the most important aspects of buying a new home. Make sure you choose a builder with a solid reputation and terms you can trust.

AMENITIES & LIFESTYLE. The convenience of what’s in the surrounding area is often a big factor in deciding where to buy. Is it near a park or school or recreation centre? Do you need to be close to public transit or a medical centre? Would you like to be in walking distance from a grocery or convenience store? Or would you prefer to be more removed and further away from the hustle and bustle? Are you quite active and would benefit from living near a ski hill, golf course, park or gym?

After taking into account her budget, life plans, and preferences, Sarah found the perfect home for her: a townhouse end unit in a new Edmonton community. “My dog is happy because there are so many trails to explore,” she said. “And that makes me happy, too.”

Edmonton boasts many new communities. How do you narrow down the choice? Check out Part 2 of this series: **Take Notice of these 5 Edmonton Neighbourhoods**

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