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There are a lot of new home builders in Edmonton, and choosing the right one is a huge decision. Building a home is a big decision, and you need a builder who will make the experience a happy, stress-free one.

Here are 6 tips to help you select a home builder right for you:

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Despite what Kijiji posters may claim, not just anyone can build a house. The first tip? Don’t find your builder on a site like that. Talk to friends and family who have built homes and ask about their experiences. Ask tradespeople, suppliers, architects, real estate brokers and other professionals who they think the top three home builders are and why.
  2. TOUR SHOW HOMES. This a free and often fun activity to do, and it will help you narrow down your list even more. Take your time browsing through the spaces, paying attention to the look, feel and quality of the home (both inside and out). See what upgrades the company offers and what current building timelines they promise. Check out the floor plans, ask questions, and take home their brochures and promotional materials to read later. Drive around and get a good look at the neighbourhood and nearby amenities. Look for signs of quality construction and attention to detail. Consider the building products that a builder uses. Are they brands with well-earned reputations for quality?
  3. ASK QUESTIONS. LOTS OF THEM. Make an appointment with the home builder or take the opportunity to chat with staff while you are touring the show homes. You can ask questions like:
    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. Are you a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA)?
    3. Are you a member of a home warranty program? What type of warranty do you offer?
    4. What after-sales service does your company provide?
    5. Can we visit your work sites?
    6. Are you licensed and insured?
    7. How do you compare yourself to other builders? What are the most important benefits of the homes you build?
    8. What are the major energy-saving features of homes you build?
    9. What standard features do your homes include? What options and upgrades can I select?
    10. How often (and when) will I have access to the home during the building process?
    11. How long will my home take to complete?

Most importantly, go with your gut. If your Edmonton home builder doesn’t make you feel at ease, or if they don’t answer your questions or seem like they’re in a rush to close the deal, they’re not the right builder for you.

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