Home Maintenance Tips

The Edmonton housing market is ever-changing. And so are the needs of home buyers. We want quick possession without compromising on quality. New communities are popping up in desirable locations, and luxurious options are becoming more affordable. With the recent completion of the Anthony Henday ring road, it’s easy to quickly get to relatively any part of Edmonton.

Nowadays in Edmonton new construction, you’ll see more luxury amenities like heated driveways and garages to melt the snow, wine cellars and double-sided stone fireplaces. But even as our access to high-end features improves, many homeowners are looking for a more minimalistic living situation, choosing smaller homes and enjoying lower utility bills and reduced maintenance costs.

But it doesn’t stop at home size. The Edmonton new home market is always evolving. Here are some recent innovations that are becoming more popular.

Being green. Energy-efficient windows, appliances and materials are high on the list of current needs. Water-efficient features such as dual-flush toilets, solar heating and tank-less water heaters are also starting to be expected inclusions.

Innovative colour combinations. From turquoise to mustard to coral: an increasing number of people are moving away from various tones of grey and towards warm, inviting colours.

Mixed materials. Could it be that the DIY/organic movement is pushing consumers towards engineered woods and stones that look like raw materials? Whatever the cause, a more natural, craftsman-style exterior is becoming the preferred option.

Embracing technology. Builders are reporting receiving requests for gadgets that control multiple water sources. They also get requests for touchscreen displays that give homeowners more control over things like water flow and temperature, even lighting that you can control remotely.

Whether it’s wanting to live with less to save money, living with less to have extra spending money to afford other treats like traveling), or wanting all the gadgets and modern-day conveniences, our needs are changing. Any new home builder worth their salt will keep up with these ever changing demands.

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