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Ensure Your Lawn Stays Healthy Through the Cold Edmonton Winter!

Most people do not think about getting their yards ready for winter in the fall, especially new lawns, which require the most attention year-round. Preparing your lawn in the fall months will help ensure that your lawn is in tip-top shape in the spring.

Check out these five DIY steps for preparing your yard for Winter:

  1. Feed Your Lawn: In Edmonton, fall and spring are the best times to feed your lawn as. As the weather begins to cool down your lawn will begin to slow its top growth, while the roots will continue to actively grow. By feeding your lawn with a fertilizer in the fall you are giving the roots the nutrients they need to survive the winter months and come back healthy in the spring.
  2. Plant Grass Seed: Early fall is a great time to overseed a lawn that is in need of some repair. Overseeding your lawn from mid-August to early October gives you the best chance for the seed to take as the evening temperatures are cooler and the morning dew is heavier. Before overseeding your lawn make sure that you even out any low spots with topsoil and spread the seed evenly over the fresh soil. As with any seed, make sure to water the grass seed daily!
  3. Keep Cutting and Watering: As the fall season approaches you will find yourself cutting your lawn less as the lawn growth begins to slow, however, you should continue to cut your lawn until your lawn stops growing. It is also important to not starve your lawn of water, as your lawn is still alive it needs to be watered to build up its root system. A good rule of thumb to follow is, if your lawn is not getting enough rainwater to provide at least half an inch of water a week. As fall comes to an end and you mow your lawn for one last time you should drop your mover blade down to a lower level. This will trim your lawn nice and short which stops the grass from being matted, which can encourage mould.
  4. Let Your Lawn Breathe: This is an important step, in order for your lawn to breath you need to get rid of the thatch that accumulates naturally over the course of the summer and fall. To do this you can use a power dethatcher(can rent from any hardware store) or a rake. This step should be done after you do your final mow and before you apply your fertilizer and seed. You can also do a fall aeration that will aid in the seeds taking and will help your lawn thrive in the spring.
  5. Keep it Clean: This is a simple step, just make sure that your lawn is clear of all debris. This debris can include leaves, lawn furniture, or garden tools!

Follow these steps and your lawn will be all ready for Edmonton’s winter and ready to thrive in spring, Happy Fall Cleanup!

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