Home Maintenance Tips

What do I need to do to maintain my home in February?

As we enter the coldest months of the winter season in Edmonton it is important to make sure that your home is ready! Here is a quick list of the items in your home that need some extra love in the month of February:

  • Clean Humidifier
    • This is important as mineral deposits can build up and cause damage or clog the humidifier. To clean your humidifier a number of anti-scaling products can be used to simplify the cleaning process. You can purchase a sealer from any of the major home improvement stores.
  • Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors(Test and Change Batteries)
    •  It is important to ensure that these are working properly and they should be checked monthly.
  • Clean Range Hood and Over the Range Microwave Filters
    • Grease and fats build up in the filter as you cook and it is important to clean or change them monthly.
  • Pour a Bucket of Water into the Floor Drain in Basement
    • This practice creates a water seal and prevents sewer gas from entering your home, as over time the water in the drain will evaporate.
  • Check Roof for Ice Dams
    • Ice Dams occur in Edmonton because of the frequency of warmer daytime temperatures and then freezing at night.  Ice Dams if not maintained can cause severe damage to your roof and eaves. To reduce the likelihood of Ice Dams, clear snow off the rood, particularly around the eaves, attic, and bathroom and kitchen vents.

For more information of maintaining your home check out this full guide from our friends over at the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

Stay tuned for more monthly home maintenance tips!

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