The Lincolnberg Advantage

When you are in the market for a new home, there are so many factors to consider, so many “options” and “upgrades” to ponder, and endless opinions on what will give you the most bang for your buck. Going with all the bells and whistles in options and upgrades is never a bad idea in our opinion, and we can certainly offer you a large selection of customizable features and finishes to make your home uniquely yours – but there is one area we insist on upgrading for you. We cannot compromise on quality, safety, and sustainability – because if you enter into a love affair with us, we want it to last, and if you’re under a Lincolnberg roof, built on a Lincolnberg foundation, you are family, which is why in 2019 we are making ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) basement foundations a standard specification in every Single Family home.

Here’s why:

All good things have one trait in common. Healthy relationships, delicious food, fast cars, caring communities. They all start with a strong base, frame, or foundation. The integrity of everything else is compromised without a strong foundation. Your house is no different. While we can’t fix your relationship problems or make you a good cook, we can build you the strongest and most efficient foundation on the market.

Have you ever entered a basement even in a brand-new house and felt like you were entering a damp, cold, musty tunnel? Unfortunately, this is the current industry standard in home design – minimal attention to the basement – thankfully, it’s not ours. ICF Foundations are engineered to keep your basement comfortable and dry by providing continuous insulation on the inside and the outside of your basement walls. This means your home maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels, regardless of season or climate.

We love installing ICF Foundations because it reminds us of when we were kids, obsessed (even back then) with building meticulously designed houses. The “blocks” are sourced from local supplier, Beaver Plastics, and, hands down, our favourite phase of construction is assembling these blocks and indulging in an adult LEGO session.

The recycled, moisture resistant, and gypsum board protected materials that make up the blocks are what provide optimal insulation, increasing energy efficiency by a whopping 100% with an insulation value of R24 (up from R12 with the standard foundation). In addition to being sustainable and economical, ICF’s soundproof your basement like a high-end hotel, so party as loud as you want, the neighbours will never know (unless your neighbours are cool enough to be invited).

The Logix Blocks are so efficient they are endorsed by HGTV’s Bryan Baeumlar, who insists ICF Foundations will bring homeowners that much closer to operating a net-zero home, which is what we are all after right? A net-zero home is good for the environment and the bank account. Win/win.

Logix blocks also provide immediate insulation to freshly poured concrete, protecting the integrity of the concrete in less than ideal construction temperatures. Our local concrete partners love doing ICF pours because they can efficiently pour a foundation in about 30 minutes with no hiccups. Another win.

Last but not least, ICF Foundations are reinforced with a steel core, adding protection from cracks that inevitably occur in traditional foundations over time. The steel core is the relationship therapist of the home – preventing it from cracking under pressure and separating with uncommon ground over the years.

This is why there is no selling, convincing or compromising on the Lincolnberg single family foundation specification. It must come standard. You’re welcome.

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