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Last Updated on January 25, 2021

Many people underestimate the importance of choosing the right community when deciding to build a new home. The community you choose should enrich your lifestyle and provide you with the amenities that you need to feel truly at home in your surroundings. Your home needs to be a place where you can enjoy yourself and escape from the stressors of everyday life, which is why some people are drawn to live in the smaller cities around Edmonton and choose to commute in for work. 

Kinglet by Big Lake is a new community that offers an ideal combination of small city living and metropolitan amenities. Tucked inside a treed area on the city’s Northwest corner, Kinglet is a paradise for people who are looking to live an adventurous, rural lifestyle without giving up the convenience of city connectivity. 

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Kinglet, but here are our top 5: 

1. Nature at your Doorstep 

There are very few areas in Edmonton with natural amenities that are as spectacular as those located around Kinglet. It is so easy to lose track of time exploring the Red Willow trail system along the shore of Big Lake, and you can pop a kayak in the water at many different points if you’re feeling ambitious. Big lake is a bit of a hidden gem and is often overlooked as a city amenity, but it is actually an important environmental reserve that is home to all kinds of interesting wildlife. If you have time to explore the area, come prepared with a camera to take tons of photos and stay longer than anticipated. 

If you travel from Kinglet along the shore towards St. Albert, you will come across some stunning natural areas including a wetland preserve, boardwalks, and Lois Hole Provincial Park. These areas are well-kept secrets frequented by avid hikers and birdwatchers. There is even a gorgeous viewing platform where the river and lake join that has a picnic table and binoculars to take in the view! If you are lucky around late October, you might even spot the migrating Tundra swans that gather each year to rest before continuing their journey. 

2. Access to Urban Amenities 

One of the best parts about living in Kinglet is that you are connected to the city but still removed enough to enjoy the peace and calm. Located just North of the Yellowhead off Winterburn road, Kinglet is in a sweet spot between Spruce Grove, St. Albert, and Edmonton that gives its residents unbeatable access.  

Have an important meeting downtown? Easy! The Yellowhead is about 2 minutes from the entrance to Kinglet and will have you there in a flash. Looking to make a quick getaway to the mountains with the kids after school? Done, and with no city traffic to add time to your trip. Anthony Henday Drive, Highway 16a, and Ray Gibbons drive are all within 5 minutes of Kinglet to make your commute seamless and stress-free. There is even a conveniently placed Tim Hortons en route to sweeten up your morning! 

3. Shops & Services 

We all have our guilty pleasures, and if you’re someone who likes to shop until you drop, Kinglet can have you at your next retail therapy session in minutes! West Edmonton Mall is our favorite destination close to Kinglet if you’re looking for shopping, dining, and services in one place. The mall offers basically anything you need from eye doctors and barbers to furniture and makeup stores and is within 10 minutes of Kinglet! There are also Two Costco stores nearby (a large family’s saving grace) as well as a brand-new commercial plaza right in Trumpeter with a liquor store, convenience store, and pizza joint.  

If you prefer to shop local and enjoy indie brands, the Enjoy centre in St. Albert is very close to Kinglet as well. This gorgeous facility is known for its pop-up shops, market, garden centre, and glass-walled café with lake views! It often hosts seasonal events such as Christmas markets, so keep an eye out for new posts on their website. If you are willing to drive a little further west down the Yellowhead, Stony Plain  has tons of unique boutique shops – we especially love the Crooked Pot Gallery and  One Man’s Treasure!

Of course, Kinglet also has many practical amenities that are important for daily life. A new medical centre is under construction a few minutes south along Winterburn road, and 2 future schools have been planned for Kinglet itself.  Grocery stores, daycares, and dining options are all within minutes of home! 

4. Activities Galore 

Most of us could use a bit more physical activity in our lives, but staying active can be tough if you aren’t connected to the right facilities. The area around Kinglet is fully stocked with both indoor and outdoor activities suitable for the whole family! You can take your favourite pup on a jog around Lacombe Lake dog park and make all kinds of new friends or hit the trails on an all-weather bike for some high-intensity fun. The kids will have a blast exploring Riel Recreation Park with its trails, ponds, and large playground, and you can catch a breath in the wooden gazebo for a picnic lunch. Golf lovers can get their daily dose of greens on one of the 6+ gorgeous courses in the immediate area too!  

If indoor activities are more your style, there are some pretty neat rec centres within 10 minutes of Kinglet, including a brand new one near Webber Greens that is now under construction. Servus Place in St. Albert is a great option and is fully equipped with aquatics, ice skating, an indoor playground, and sports fields. The pool is full of fun features for all ages including two water slides, lanes, a lazy river, and a hot tub. Fountain Park Rec Centre is another fun facility that has a large competition pool with climbing walls, a sauna, and a toddler-friendly wading area. 

The area is also home to several sports leagues to bring out your competitive side! In particular, St. Albert is known for its wide variety of community clubs and facilities including a curling club, rugby, and indoor soccer. For a full list of sports organizations, click here. 

 5. Adventure Potential 

Living between the city and the country means that you can have exciting experiences that you would miss out on anywhere else! The area surrounding Big lake is vast and wild, with hidden pockets of beauty around every corner. Exploring along the north side of the lake will lead you to a hidden treasure called Sunflower Gardens, where you can pick your own produce and get lost in a sea of yellow flowers. This side of the lake is very rural and picturesque, and you will always find new things to love. At night, you can take advantage of a view of the stars that you can’t usually see with the bright city lights. The B.L.E.S.S viewpoint at Big Lake is an amazing spot to see constellations from and if you head out on a clear winter night you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights! 

If you’re looking to try something new without braving the cold, there are tons of fun indoor activities in West Edmonton. There are two fabulous dinner theatres in the area, Mayfield Dinner Theatre and Jubilations. Both are awesome choices for a date night or birthday dinner and have amazing performers! Jubilations also has fun matinee shows with themes geared towards the little ones in your life. West Edmonton also has a bunch of fantastic escape rooms to try if you love an interactive adventure! Breakout is our pick in the area, but there are fun times to be had at all of them! 

To learn more about why Kinglet by Big Lake is one of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton, contact Ken at Lincolnberg Master Builder by phone 780-431-8827 or email 

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