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Last Updated on February 10, 2021

We like to consider ourselves modest and humble builders – for the most part. But knowing that only 10% of Edmonton’s 200+ builders hold a Master Builder Designation – we think we’ve earned the right to brag here. Even more important, we want to educate home buyers on what it means to purchase from a Master Builder, as well as the potential risks of building without one.

What is the difference between a Builder and a Master Builder?


The term “Master Builder” is defined as follows:

 “A master builder is recognized as such, not only for his ability to rear a magnificent structure after plans have been prepared for his guidance, but because of his ability to comprehend those plans, and to skillfully weave together the crude materials which make up the strength, the harmony, the beauty, the stateliness of the edifice which grow in his hands from a made foundation to a magnificent habitation.”

Thank you, thank you (excuse us while we curtsy in full PPE).

While this definition is nice, it doesn’t capture what a Master Builder will do for you – a real person – and home buyer in 2019. What being a Master Builder means to Lincolnberg, today, in Edmonton, is one thing – a better home for you and your family!

To us, being a Master Builder means…

  • Being industry leaders in best practices and building codes so that our homes are technically superior and perform better.
  • Employing skilled trades and craftsmen under our careful supervision to ensure the beautiful homes we design are built properly.
  • Industry leading customer service from everyone on our team – from your first point of contact with our sales person to our service personnel who will look after you like you are family.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication throughout your build process by putting you in touch with your site superintendent and providing a digital connection to our team through Client Care.

Lincolnberg has been a Certified Master Builder for 15 years. It was a very proud moment to receive this designation, as being a Certified Master Builder means you are the legit “real deal” in the home building industry.

Certified Master Builders are backed by PHBI (Professional Home Builders Institute), Canadian Home Builders’ Association, as well as The Alberta New Home Warranty Program. Involving these reputable organizations means that when a customer purchases a home from a builder with Master Builder Certification, they are guaranteed professionalism, performance, quality, and exceptional customer service. Master Builder Certification is the top level of quality control and assurance in our industry.

How does being a Master Builder help home buyers?

  • Master Builders are committed to a Code of Conduct and Ethics that ensures everyone involved in building or buying a Master Built home is treated with honesty, fairness, and respect.
  • Master Builders are required to be members of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, ensuring your home is warrantied under Alberta’s new “1-2-5-10 Coverages”.
  • Master Builders have proven knowledge to build a better home. It is required that a Master Builder have over 5 years’ experience managing a home builder and over 375 hours of education.
  • In order to maintain a Master Builder designation, Master Builders’ must continue to educate themselves with at least 16 hours of new training each year.
  • When you combine greater professionalism with greater performance, you get a better product and exceptional Customer Service.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Lincolnberg is a leader in Customer Service even within the select group of Master Builders, as demonstrated by our Customer Service Awards.

We dare you to compare us to other builders you might be considering – we actually encourage you to conduct your due diligence to ensure the builder responsible for providing you and your family shelter is a master at their craft.

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