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Last Updated on November 16, 2021

We talk about the customer experience a lot. Why? Because Lincolnberg’s number one priority is to provide outstanding client care – before, during, and after your home is built. We build more than homes, we build relationships, too.

All relationships start the same – the courting and wooing phase. Yah, we’re charming and good looking. We can usually get your number, take you on a few show home dates, and have you head over heels in love with us and the idea of a Lincolnberg home.

Then you can’t stop thinking about us, and we can’t stop thinking about you. We have to make this official. Announce it on Facebook, seal the deal, and sign the offer. Hook, line and sinker?

No, not with Lincolnberg. The love affair with us only gets better once we are in a committed relationship with you. We never want to leave you guessing or wondering what is next or how we are progressing. To reassure you of this, we introduced our Client Care program.

Client Care is an online home owner account that you will receive access to once we’re hitched.

Lincolnberg Client Care Home Owner Account

The Client Care Home Owner Account will walk you through every step of the process in a fun board game that the whole family can follow:

Communicating with our clients like this sparks more excitement, and less anxiety. We want you to be excited and involved in every step. You can plan for what’s next to ensure you aren’t holding up progress and prevent delays. Can’t remember what cabinets you selected? No worries. You will find it here. With the Client Care Home Owner Account, there is no grey area or surprises.

OK, so possession day has arrived. Now the honeymoon is over?

Not with Lincolnberg. We love you just like we did the first time we spotted you perusing our show home, acting like you weren’t that into us. We said it before, and we will say it again. We’re not going to ghost you after your home is built. You’re family now.

You’ve moved in and your Client Care Home Owner account has evolved into a manual for your new home. Now your account will give you unlimited access to:

  • Interior and Exterior Finishes and Vendors
  • Lincolnberg Care and Maintenance Manual
  • Driveway Sealer Information
  • Paint Care Instructions
  • Your Sales Agreement and Change Orders
  • Contact information for your Lincolnberg Site Superintendent and Client Care Coordinator
  • Schedule 6 month and 1 year service appointments
  • View drawings and permits

Peruse some of our models & find your perfect match!

We know life gets complicated, so we make sure your experience with us is easy and fun – like a third date! Now if only you had an online portal to keep track of the rest of your life!

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