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Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Do you need a realtor to buy a new build home? 

The answer may surprise you, because you do not need a realtor to buy a new construction home! 

If you’re looking to purchase a new build home, you don’t actually require a realtor to do so because you aren’t buying a home from another person, you’re buying the lot and the home from the builder. 

Today, we’re exploring the 5 reasons why you don’t need a realtor to buy a new construction home. 

Let’s dive in —

The Sales Team Is Often More Knowledgeable – And Can Give You More Options!

A realtor’s job is to take you to houses that are within your described price range, preferred neighbourhoods/areas of the city, and that are a style similar to what you want.

If the home you’ve got your eyes set on is a new build instead of a resale home, the sales team of your builder of choice will actually be able to answer all of your questions.

When you visit a builder’s sales centre, you will be shown the different communities that your builder can build in, the different lots you can choose from, and all of the home designs you can choose from.

There’s no need to bring in a realtor when your builder’s sales team will be showing you all of the different homes and customizations you can choose from. 

Community Pages Make Decisions Easy

You may have a very specific new community you want to build in; perhaps you love the comfort and connectedness of Webber Greens or are exploring the new, up and coming community of Kinglet at Big Lake. You may even want to look at different builders and then choose a community once you’ve picked your builder.

You might also have a builder in mind because you or a friend have worked with them before and had a great experience.

Regardless of how you decide on the builder and community you want, both builder and community websites are full of information about the options available to you. A Realtor’s specialty is in resale homes, and they likely won’t be able to give you the depth of information that you need to make a choice about which builder or community to pursue.

The Main Decisions are In the Design Phase, After a Realtor is No Longer Present Anyway

Unlike in buying resale homes, the decisions with new construction homes are predominantly based in the design stage.

You will likely spend a decent amount of time choosing your community, and although a realtor may have some inside knowledge, they are not a necessary resource.

The majority of your time, however, will be spent in design.

Choosing your exterior and interior finishes, floorplan, etc., are decisions that a realtor wouldn’t be helping you with.

The Internet is a Fantastic Resource

A realtor’s main role is to help you find a home that is both in your budget and meets your needs.

You can use the internet to research all different kinds of prices and home build costs to educate yourself on the cost of a home. Plus, new home builds are incredibly different than buying resale homes.

Resale homes are often priced above what the family will accept for their home because counter offers are expected.

New build homes, on the other hand, are more likely to have less negotiation on price, because the cost is the lot fee to buy the land, and then the cost of labour and materials to build the home.

Often, a realtor would be by your side in resale home purchases to make sure that what you’re paying is what the home is worth.

When it comes to new sale homes, you can research each builder’s base model and upgrades, read testimonials, and find competitor pricing to make sure that you’re getting a great product for a great price!

New To Negotiations and Contracts? You’re In Good Hands

Another role a realtor may help you with is negotiating for perks and extras, as well as reading and understanding the contract.

These are things you may require help with, however a realtor isn’t your only option.

When it comes to the contract, a real estate lawyer will have an even better understanding of the ‘legalese’ that is in it, and when you purchase a home with Lincolnberg, your legal fees will be included so that your lawyer can help you go over your financing options.

You can probably handle negotiating for perks or extras yourself, but it is a good idea to do your research and learn the best questions to ask your builder. Asking the right questions is all you need to get the most out of your home buying experience.

At Lincolnberg Master Builders, we want every client to get the absolute most out of their home buying experience! 

You may feel more comfortable having a real estate agent represent you during your new home build experience, and that is completely up to what makes you the most comfortable! However, you don’t necessarily require a real estate agent to purchase a new home build, so make sure you do your research and figure out what is best for you!

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