Our Commitment To You

You and your family are special. Your new home should reflect your unique personality, tastes and lifestyle. Your new home should be the realization of a dream come true. At Lincolnberg we understand. We pledge to be worthy of the trust you place in us when you choose Lincolnberg to build your new home. We pledge to live by our principles of honesty, integrity and fair business practices. You will find that our homes are constructed of quality material by skilled craftsmen under our careful supervision. Each member of the Lincolnberg team; our employees, suppliers, subtrades and financial and professional support service; are dedicated to making your new home purchase a positive experience. Our collective objective is to provide you a home that you and your family will love today and for years to come. We want to make sure that you and your Lincolnberg Home are The Love Affair That Lasts.

Lincolnberg Master Builder History

Lincolnberg Homes was formed in Edmonton in 1978 when the home building industry was going full tilt. Pressure mounted and builders' couldn't work fast enough to meet the demand, as the market grew by leaps and bounds in the booming Alberta economy. It was a take-it-or-leave-it situation for buyers. Most builders offered only four or five different designs in each subdivision, and customers had virtually no say in the final product. Cookie cutter homes were the order of the day - at least from the builders standpoint. Lincolnberg Homes entered with a focus on individuality and looking for better ways of doing things. Not a custom home - that would be beyond the reach of most buyers - but a home with custom features. The new viewpoint worked, with the company building 12 homes in its first year. The company grew steadily - to the point where year end figures are more than 15 times Lincolnbergs first year. Such numbers are something to be proud of, especially in light challenging economic time the city has seen since Lincolnbergs inception. Lincolnberg is every bit as proud of the plans it offers today as the ones which broke ground 40 years ago. The focus at Lincolnberg remains on customer feedback. It is because of this positive feedback that Lincolnberg continues to be an industry leader in quality and workmanship that allowed them to become the strong company it is.

Quality and Technology

At Lincolnberg, building quality means using carefully-chosen materials that provide the best performance at a reasonable cost, and assembling them with the best possible craftsmanship. This results in affordable value for the new home buyer. Lincolnberg has always viewed research and development of construction technology as a high priority, and because of this the company pioneered the development of the TEC system. Total Environmental Control - an option which allows the home owner complete control over air flow entering their home cleanly and safely. TEC also means lower noise, low dust levels. controlled humidity, and energy bills reduced by 50 to 80 percent. The experienced Lincolnberg team is looking forward to building many more great homes and helping more Albertans realize their dream of owning a new home. Lincolnberg Master Builder wants to build a relationship with its clients, and deliver homes that are truly The Love Affair That Lasts.