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Last Updated on January 22, 2021

The most used feature of your home often that goes unnoticed is your driveway, a feature that requires more attention than you think! For those of us in Edmonton, across Alberta and in many parts of Canada, the somewhat harsh winters many of face can really do a number on the cement and concrete features on your property including most notably, your driveway.

Today, our experts share 5 important tips for maintaining the quality of your driveway all year round.

1. Seal Your Driveway

It is important to seal your driveway to preserve the life of your concrete. Concrete is a porous substrate that allows the transmission of vapour and water through it. As the vapour gets trapped in the pores and freezes and thaws, the expansion and contraction deteriorate the integrity of the concrete causing spalling, cracks, and damage. A sealer should be applied after its final cure (28 days) and be re-applied as instructed by the manufacturer (usually this is done annually).

2. Remove Weeds From Your Driveway Regularly

As your driveway ages, you may start to notice some weeds growing through cracks in the concrete. It is important to take care of the weeds right away as they can quickly spread and if left long enough they can cause the surface of the concrete to deteriorate.

3. Avoid Oil Spills

The spilling of fuels like gasoline and oil may not have an immediate effect on your driveway but overtime spills can lead to the development of stains on your driveway.

4. Avoid De-Icing Compounds or Ice Chippers

The use of harsh compounds such as Ice Melt can lead to irreversible damage to the surface of your driveway as well as using an ice chipper to clear ice away. A mixture of sand and gravel is recommended, as this will give traction when there is ice present!

5. Shovel Your Driveway ASAP

It is very important to shovel your driveway before you drive on it. Doing this will alleviate the issue of mounding snow and ice build up making it much harder to clear the driveway completely. A clean driveway is a happy driveway!

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