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Last Updated on July 15, 2021

New construction homes are more energy efficient than older homes, and that is greatly thanks to new energy efficiency technologies that have been developed in recent years. If you want your home to be more energy efficient (hint, hint, you do) then Lincolnberg Master Builder is the best choice for building energy efficient homes in Edmonton. Having an energy efficient home saves you money on gas, heating, and maintenance costs, and it’s also better for the environment — energy efficiency is the ultimate win-win. 

In general, the energy efficiency of a home can be drastically improved via:

Air Tightness

Ensuring that your new home’s air tightness is up to the highest standard is a significant factor in increasing energy efficiency. The contractor will ensure that the doors and windows are framed in to guarantee ultimate air tightness. A drafty room is more than just an inconvenience, and it can lead to higher heating bills. Drafts in the Alberta winter mean that cold air is coming in and warm air is getting out, so your furnace has to work harder to heat your home. You wouldn’t be okay with someone standing with the door wide open in the middle of winter, so you shouldn’t be okay with poor air tightness. If you have air conditioning, drafts impact your energy efficiency all year as your cold air escapes and warm air gets into your home.  

Heat Recovery Ventilator

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) system is the lungs of your home. An HRV provides constant and consistent air ventilation without wasting energy. How, you ask? An HRV uses heat gathered from exhaust air to preheat fresh air that is then dispersed throughout your home. Much like you may choose the “air circulation” button in your vehicle, an HRV uses heat from energy being used elsewhere in the home to heat the air in the home faster and more efficiently. HRV systems will help in any home, but they are particularly effective in new homes that have been secured for air tightness and other energy efficiency considerations.

Insulated Concrete Form Foundations

ICF foundations give your home more energy efficiency from the ground up. ICF technology makes the forms of the foundation out of insulation, and pours the concrete directly into it. The forms for the foundation are also a built in insulator, protecting your home’s foundation from mould, water damage, insects, and more on the inside and out. Read our blog about ICF foundations to learn more.

National Energuide Rating Program

Very few people would buy a new appliance nowadays without ensuring that it’s energy-efficient, so why would you buy a house without ensuring that it is also energy efficient? Making sure that your home is EnerGuide rated will save you money on your energy bills, and often increases the resale value of your home! In order to get an EnerGuide rated home, you need a builder who knows the EnerGuide rating system and is able to construct a home that will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Lincolnberg Master builders is completely trained in EnerGuide ratings, and builds homes with an average energy efficiency that is 16% higher than industry standard

Here’s a list of other items you can ask for and look into to get the best energy efficiency out of your entire home:

  • Energy efficient windows
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Programmable/Smart thermostats
  • LED lighting or smart bulbs
  • Extra insulation in your attic
  • A tankless water heater
  • High efficiency, low flow shower heads, faucets, and toilers
  • Energy efficient appliances (stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave)
  • A clothes drying rack
  • Timers on your lights
  • Energy saver power switches
  • Solar panels
  • Solar-powered outdoor lighting
  • Motion sensors
  • Energy efficient small appliances (hair dryer, curling/flat iron, electric razor, blenders, coffee makers)
  • Use pressure cookers and slow cookers rather than your over when possible
  • Change your furnace and air filters more often
  • Use your curtains appropriately (open in winter, closed in summer)


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