The Lincolnberg Advantage

You’ve decided which Lincolnberg Community you’re going to build in. You’ve picked a model that suites your lifestyle. Now you get to do the fun stuff and personalize your new home in the Lincolnberg Design Studio!

Some buyers are indifferent about finishes, and others meticulously select every detail. We think it is important to finish your home to your unique tastes. You will be spending a lot of time there, so let’s make it your happy place.

One of many advantages of building with Lincolnberg is that we put a lot of thought into the customer experience. We realize that while building your home is a big exciting moment in your life, it can be stressful. We want it to be as enjoyable and seamless as possible. This is why we have a one-stop design studio.

The Lincolnberg Design Studio experience is a welcoming, no pressure, guided shopping trip. You will visit the Design Studio in 2 appointments. The first is to meet with Susan, our Sales Assistant. With Susan, you will peruse the Design Studio and compile a wish list, which she will price out for you. You take your wish list home and consult your family, friends, and possibly battle it out with your spouse over bathroom fixtures, then you come back and Kim gets to see who won!

Kim is our in-house Interior Designer. When you come in for your second appointment, you meet with her to make your final finish selections. She is there to help you understand how all your choices will come together, like the fairy god-mother of finishes.

Both appointments are intended to make you feel comfortable and confident with how your home will look and feel when you live in it.

If you still have interior finish jitters, consider these preparation tips:

  • Source design inspiration. This can be anything (we have seen it all, no judgement). Anything from photos, magazines, fabrics that reflect a mood, colours that catch your eye – nothing is off limits. Pinterest and Houzz are excellent home design inspo resources.
  • Set a budget and prioritize your wants vs. needs. If you have always wanted a gorgeous pendant light over your dining room table, put it at the top of your wish list.
  • Ensure you have enough time to attend both appointments, and that you aren’t rushed or distracted during the sessions. The Lincolnberg Design Studio is kid-friendly with fun activities to keep the kiddos busy while you personalize your home, so feel free to bring the whole fam.
  • Consider how final decisions will be made on selections. Perhaps you get the final say on flooring and your partner calls the shots on lighting? Then we can make sure everyone leaves happy.

Colour boards are a thing of the past.

No one has time to run around town and meet with separate contractors, either. The Lincolnberg Design Studio just makes sense for the jam-packed schedules and fast paced lifestyle we all live nowadays. Our customers give us rave reviews on how easy the finish selection process is with Lincolnberg. The Design Studio experience is a big reason why we recently won the Consumer Insight H.O.M.E. Best Customer Experience Award and the Builder of Choice Award for a 4th consecutive year.

Building with Lincolnberg truly is entering a trusting love affair that lasts with professionals who treat you like family. We want your home to be beautiful, functional, and affordable for YOU. We can guarantee comfort, quality, and satisfaction with every finish we offer – so no need to stress about that.

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