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Last Updated on March 4, 2021

Wondering how long it takes to build a home with a home builder? Our experts share exactly how long you should expect it to take, along with our a helpful timeline of the home building process.

Let’s dive in –

Your first steps… first words… first day of school.. first car, graduation, engagement, wedding, first child… these are the moments in life that we look back upon as major milestones. Home ownership, yet another addition to the list, brings about it’s own excitement and of course, a whole lot of questions, too.

Today, we’ve sat down with our team of experienced home builders to answer one of the first and most important questions in a home buyer’s journey –

How Long Does It Take To Build A House in Alberta?

When it comes to building a home, as a home buyer, the first question you’ll need to answer is whether to choose a conventional home builder, like Lincolnberg Master Builder, or a custom home builder.

Home buyers can enjoy a variety of advantages building their production or spec homes with Lincolnberg Master Builders due to their greater scale of operations. Production time, customization choices, and access to specialists being just a few of these advantages.

Conventional Builder

In Canada, it typically takes a home builder between 6-10 months in total to build a new home. Once the builder receives the buyer’s mortgage approval, it takes about:

  • 1 month for the design department to get the plans and architecture approved.
  • 1-2 months are typically needed to receive the relevant development permits from the city.
  • Once all of the plans and approvals are in place, construction can begin. The actual process of building the home takes 4-6 months, depending on the type of home; for example, a duplex vs. a single family home.

Custom Builder

With a custom builder, the home building process takes much longer in comparison – typically around 12-14 months. This difference is of course because of the extensive customization involved in a custom home, which includes steps such as travelling to visit a number of different suppliers to view hardware and finishing options, as well as the additional design drafting time.

That being said, if you’re tight on time and looking to move into a new home, a Quick Possession may be just the solution for you.

Quick Possession homes are homes that the builder has already finished building, or has already begun building, and that will be ready on a much shorter timeline – either immediately or within a few months – than building a new home from start to finish.

A Timeline of the Home Building Process

Here’s how long it takes to build a new home with a home builder in Canada:

  • Select lot & model – First thing’s first. You’ll first have to choose which community your new home will be in, which map dot on the block you’ll call home, and the home’s size, layout and style. Considering a home in Edmonton? Browse the communities we build in or tour our new home models.
  • Sign purchase contract & provide first deposit – Once you’ve got your home selected, you sign on the dotted line and provide an initial deposit, which secures your new home. Curious about that deposit?  Learn more in our blog –  Deposit Protection: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?
  • Get mortgage approval – While some home buyers prefer to ensure they’ve met with their bank or mortgage broker before they begin looking at homes, others choose to tour show homes and discuss options before they secure their mortgage. The decision is really up to you.
  • Remove conditions & provide second deposit 
  • Visit the new home design centre – Ah, most of our homeowner’s favourite perk of buying a new home from a builder — the design center visit! At this point of the home building process, you’ll take a trip to our convenient, kid-friendly design center at our head office in the south of Edmonton, just off of the Henday. Here, you’ll look through all our amazing design options and pick what’s right for you!  Check out An Essential Guide To Visiting A New Home Design Center to learn more about our design center!
  • Your home is drafted
  • Review home plan & sign off – Once all of your customizations have been taken into account and included in the plan, you will meet with one of our team members to review your home and provide your formal approval.
  • Apply for architectural approval – An architect reviews the home’s design to ensure that the structure, and any changes made, are all structurally sound.
  • Stakeout, foundation & services – Did you know? Lincolnberg homes are always built upon an ICF foundation. Learn why this seemingly small detail adds a whole bunch of benefit for homeowners down the road, take a peek at 3+ Surprising Benefits of ICF Foundations.
  • Framing, roofs, windows & doors – The crew building your home gets to work! The frame & roof of your new home is built, windows and doors are installed and your new home has begun to come to life.
  • Heating, plumbing, electrical & rough-ins – Have you been dreaming about pot lights in your kitchen? Can’t wait for that second bathroom? The electrical, power and water systems in your home are next up in the new home building construction process.
  • City inspectors check rough-ins – The important checks are completed to ensure everything is up to code.
  • Framing stage walk-through – The floors, walls, stairs and roof have now been built and the “skeleton” of your home is complete.
  • Exterior finish starts, interior insulation & inspection – The home’s siding, the shingles on your roof and the insulation in your walls are then installed.
  • Drywall, taping & texturing – The interior walls of your home are all put up, and the finish is completed on your ceiling.
  • Stage one trim work – Baseboards, railings, and doors are installed as your new home comes together.
  • Painting & cabinets are installed  – Your walls are painted and the cabinetry in your kitchen and bathrooms is all put into place.
  • Flooring, stage 2 trim work & countertops – The finishing touches including hardwood or vinyl flooring, carpeting and stone or laminate counters are added and your home is just about ready for you!
  • HVAC, plumbing & electrical is finalized 
  • Clean-up & final paint – All of the equipment and supplies used by tradespeople are removed and a final coat of paint is applied.
  • Home orientation & final inspection
  • Possession day – The time has finally come! You’re ready to move into your beautiful new home.

To learn more about the unique, and award-winning New Home Buying Process here at Lincolnberg Master Builder, check out Client Care 101: What To Expect When You Buy A Lincolnberg Home?


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